tw launcher error


Hey there.
I got my s2 a few weeks back, I've been really enjoying it, but now i got this error which makes the phone unusable.
I happened to run out of battery, so i recharged the phone and then turned it on. everything went on normally untill i got to the home screen. Here i got a massive spam of errors which suggest me to force close something (mentioned twlaucher) but the error message instantly appears again after pressing force close. I removed the battery, sdcard and simcard and put then back in, but nothing seems to be working.
The phone also makes the startupsound randomly while pushing out these errors...

I tried to factory reset the phone, but I can't get to any menus or anything...

Factory reset:
1. menu>settings>privacy>factory data reset.
2. turn off your phone and wait 1 min.
    go to recovery mode using the 3 button combo.
    select "wipe data/factory reset"


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