Phone constantly rebooting. Unable to enter recovery mode, flash


Hi Everyone,

A few hours ago, my Samsung Galaxy S (I9000M running 2.3.3) gave me several error messages saying various processes have closed unexpectedly, and then restarted the phone. When it did so, the phone was stuck in the welcome screen which kept reloading.

I tried pulling out the battery and SIM cards but that has not changed anything.

I read some threads here and watched a video of trying to enter recovery mode. I am not able to enter recovery mode on the phone or through my computer.

I thought that flashing would be the best option and followed this guide from IronSingh:

However the problem is that I am not able to start the flashing process as I think my computer isn't recognizing my phone when it is plugged in. I get to the Android Digging screen and plug it in, but that doesn't change anything. As an aside, Kies also is not able to connect with my phone.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do.



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