MMS not working

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Sweet Screen:
I am currently looking to learn how to set this up myself. I have not found the right things using the search tool.

How do you set up mms (is this also the picture messaging). I am on the bell network in canada and am not sure how to use this. I can send a picture from my phone just using the plain messaging option. Click on picture ans send it via messaging. I can not receive a picture from someone else using mms. What am i doing wrong? Any help would be appreciated in setting this up.

Thanks for your help.

I'm not sure how it works for your carriers but for mine, I just have to send an sms to my carrier with a 3g/mms activation code and they send me back config settings that I can save directly to the phone.

Actually, my carrier doesnt even support android phones but luckily another user had success requesting for blackberry 9700 settings and it works.

Maybe your carrier has a similar approach to config settings?

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I couldn't receive pictures through mms. I called Virgin (Bell) they said it was a router problem and fixed it on their end. Maybe call your provider.

Sweet Screen:
I have called my service provider on three separate occasions about this.  They have not been very helpful.

The first time I was on the phone with them for almost two hours.  They sent me some test pictures and they never came through.  I was going over everything and they said it was on their end that things needed to be checked.  I had someone sending me messages over the holiday's and never received one of them. 

The reall puzzling thing about this is that 6 days later I received the origional test message from the service tech.  That was strange so again I asked my friend to send me some messages.  Still nothing.  Called my service provider back and again spent a long time on the phone with them.  Still no mms working.  I called back a third time and they sent some more test pictures and I received them.  They informed me that perhaps it was the pictures are too large in size.  When i send a picture from my phone it compresses the file and sends no problem.  What they told me is that I should try to keep the file size smaller.  That is kind of difficult considering the camera on the phone is 5 Mp. 

Now the person trying to send me pictures is with anothe carrier on an i phone.  Could it be possible that my service provider will not allow the pictures through due to the size of them?  It seems kind of strange to me.

Hi i had an issue with MMS myself and noticed this thread.
I got a Samsung Galaxy S not too long ago and have ben chatting with my GF for some time now.

I live in Norway and am using a mobile operator called NetCom

In the past, every once in a while she sendt me an MMS. I would recieve this MMS, but the MMS wouldn't appear in my message, instead there would be an link to a 'MMS-recieving-site' owned by my operator NetCom ( meaning i would have to be online to actually view the MMS ) , and an activation code to be able to see the MMS.
Although this system works, i clearly remembered the using way 'crappyer' phones in the past, i was able recieve MMS with no additional hazzle at all.

Also i sendt my GF a very very long message at one point, which just said 'sending', i even tried to edit it to shorten it( to the length of a normal mesage, aprox ) several times, but still just hanged at 'sending'.

I went to a mobile-phone store dealing with, well, mobile-phone stuff, and he kinda fixed this problem. He said i had to 'activate' my phone for MMS through my opperator, and he did this for me through his computer. After that i had to go intoo 'Settings ---> Wireless and network ---> Mobile networks ---> Use packet data( ENABLE )'
And there it was, i was able to recieve MMS pictures directly on screen on my phone, and my GF sudenly recieved all the messages i was trying to send her in the past ( i guess theese messages were kinda treated as MMS messages since they were so long/ big )

The downside of this was, 'Use packed data( ENABELED )' basically meant i would be able to get online through my operators wireless network, regardless of the lack of any other wireless connection. Forthermore, this would also mean thta if i accedentally acessed the internett, or if, for example, a weather application would auto uppdate it would use the operators wireless network, thus spending my money ( since using this feature for online services is not free ) :(

So logically i wanted to activate this feauture only when i knew i had recieved an MMS, and use the free Wirelwss Network connection ( Wi-Fi ) for internett access and online services for free.
... But now, when my GF tried sending me a MMS ( with 'Use packed data( DISABELED )' ) i wouldnt even get a notificaton, like i did before the store changed my opreator settings! With the 'Use packed data( ENABELED )' it would work fine though, but i dont like the idea of my appls auto uppdating data and stealing my money... or even activating some online service by accident

Sorry for getting a little sidetracked, but for those with problems using MMS, try contacting your operator for MMS activation and them/ 'or just' go 'Settings ---> Wireless and network ---> Mobile networks ---> Use packet data( ENABLE )' straigh away


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