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Author Topic: Galaxy S won't sync with google calendar (phone to calendar)  (Read 57217 times)

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« Reply #15 on: October 11, 2010, 11:22:55 AM »

Yes - if your phone goes haywire esp your calendar, its because of a coding flaw w Samsung.  Go back to your gmail calendar and check either all recurring events starting prior to 2010 and change them to start in 2010.  All recurring birthdays, change their birth year to 2010.  this was a hassle, but it synced and has worked perfectly ever since.  And yes, every time you enter a calendar event, you must change the calendar to sync to Gmail if you want it in your gmail acct.

Regarding Gmail groups, heres a copy of a thread i posted in another link -

"Hi, I was hoping for anyone that found a solution to displaying my gmail groups in contacts.  Still none, however, here is a temporary solution if you want to text to your group.

To text, use the Handcent application.  Much better than the stock messaging, PLUS you can send to your groups.  On the recipients line, press the + sign and it opens a page to send to numerous contacts, or your Gmail Groups. 

To view your groups for phone calling one at a time (ie - i have 2000 contacts, but i have one group of 20 so I just want to view them and call one at a time till Im done), use ACONTACTS application.  Its not a perfect app, but for that it was helpful to me.

In the end, what is silly is that these 3rd party apps can clearly show your GMail groups, but Samsung cant/wont in its native apps.  HTC does allow you to see your gmail groups."
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« Reply #16 on: January 12, 2011, 03:29:41 PM »

Last week (Friday) I updated my Galaxy S Vibrant to latest release of Kies (v (which actually loaded on my Windows 7 64 Bit laptop ) unlike release 1. I then upgraded to v2.2 (Froyo) on my Bell Canada Galaxy S Vibrant as it was supposed to fix some issues I had and provide some nice new features.

After the update I was finally able to synch my calendar/contacts in Outlook to the phone using Kies but then most apps were crapping (force close required). After some reboots, forum reading and software resets it seems to have settled down except now I can't open my calendar on my Phone.

Every time try and open the calendar (or some other aps that may be related to the calendar) the phone vibrates once and then two more times in quick succession and the following error message comes up:
The application Calendar Storage(process has stopped unexpectedly. Please Try again.
Then I have the button at the bottom to "Force Close" which I do and move on without ever getting to my calendar. Also now having trouble getting Kies to synch again (it is very slow to connect and once connected very slow to respond. And it will not sync again. I checked to see if there are any more updates and just starting to read the forums but is frustrating.

I was thinking of moving to an Outlook to Google Calendar sync and then Google to Phone sync but after reading these posts I am not sure it will work well either. 

Any suggestions?
I am reading more to see what I can find on this in 2.2.

FYI: A co-worker who got the same phone at the same time as I and did the Kies 2 and Froyo update last Friday as well has been using companion link to sync with little or no issues... until today.
He did nothing to his phone since Friday's update but today it Bricked.
Could not do Hard or Soft Reset or get anything to work or start.

He called Bell support today and they are  sending him a new GS% with 2.2 preloaded in the next week or so and he will send his brick back.  So for now he is gone back to the Palm Treo 700 WX with Windows Mobile 5.1.  Sucks! Hope mine lives as I can't go back to that old Treo!  I could not answer a call with it and people could not hear me when I did call them but at least it never bricked and I could sync calendar, tasks, contacts, OneNote and eWallet without issues .

-Just hoping to figure this all out soon and have a stable phone and waiting for the other shoe (or should I say brick) to drop.

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« Reply #17 on: January 12, 2011, 05:58:04 PM »

hi wbooth99
sorry i can't help with your current Calandar meltdown - perhaps call Canada Bell techies and let them earn their keep?

re: syncing contacts and calendars
i purchased gSyncit - it installed to my laptop.  With it i can automatically sync my Outlook contacts and calendar with my Gmail contacts and calendar both ways.  My gmail then syncs automatically with my phone both ways.  It used to be only my contacts would sync both ways between gmail and phone but my calendar would only sync from Gmail to phone. I  changed my default phone calendar from Samsung calendar to Gmail calendar and that is now sorted.  I now can make changes anywhere in the loop and it will sync up and down the food chain.

there are a few glitches but they are only minor so i've never bothered to try and sort them - i'm sure i could were i to make the effort.  The gSyncit cost me about $15US and it's made usung my SGS for my business such a pleasure that forn the first time i can remember - i don't suffer phone envy for anyone
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