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Quote from: narcis4miky on February 27, 2011, 09:00:42 AM

Hello! I have the same phone M110S  and i have a problem. Camera don't work...Warning: " Can't use camera in this area " . Is not a hardware problem, i try hard reset but nothing...   for this korean version i didn't find how to put a new software. Can you help me? Thanks

did you already solve your problem? i also encountering this issue...Please advise..

Hey all,

After more than a month of reading and searching and more reading and searching, finally decided to run a lag fix and root my phone.

Its the Korean Galaxy S, bought it over a year ago when they came out in Korea.

First, I googled Odin 1.0.
Downloaded and installed it.

Then, I went to the Market and downloaded an app called Tegrak Kernel.

After that I downloaded the Tegrak .tar file (found it online)

Started Odin 1.0

Restarted my phone in reboot mode (Power button + Home button)

Plugged the phone in via USB to the computer.

Loaded the .tar file in odin (PDA)

Clicked start and the waited for everythign to happen.  Phone rebooted after about 3 minutes and then I opened the Tegrak app that I got from the Market.

Chose the option that says Laf Fix (All) and waited for that to finish....maybe 4 minutes.

PHone rebooted and it is as fast as lighting!

I also rooted the phone with one click using the Tegrak app as well.....

Im VERY HAPPY with my phone right now, it is really fast as far as I can tell.
I ran the Quadrant Standard app after and I lag fixed and scored an 1865

Also, I was running the new firmware updated from Kies at the time.
Firmware 2.3.4

Are there really not that many people around here with the Korean Galaxy (shw-m110s)??

Id like to know what other ROMS or Kernels people use.
There do not seem to be many options out there.....

Nobody out there is a Korean SGS (SHW-M11OS)????


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