Kies connection problem fixed

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This worked on XP PRO should in theory work on vista and 7

Follow advice on other threads and download any software like Net framework 3.5 etc from microsoft updates, just go to start, all programs microsoft updates and choose custom, install everything that it shows to be sure that xp is fully up to date. Download the latest KIES program from Samsung if you already have not done so. You may need mirosoft office installed or at least MS Outlook (not EXpress) before you install Kies

Go to control panel / Add remove programs on pc.
Uninstall the "samsung drivers" that were installed with the Kies program but leave Kies program alone.

switch Samsung phone to mass storage mode and Connect USB cable both ends

Xp should then detect new hardware, go to start, control panel, System, hardware, device manager, universal serial bus controlers, your samsung phone will be connected to one of these, click on the one that appears to be connected and go to the drivers tab " Install Drivers" choose automaticly to install, it should detect the hardware and install the drivers, repeat this for all other items that it asks for, or any yellow question marks against any bits of hardware that resembles storage device or a phone.

It should also show as a "storage device",in the list, in device manager, if it has a yellow Question mark against it, again, click on it and go to drivers tab and click on the driver tab and click the install drivers and choose automaticly install.

Unplug USB and set phone back to samsung KIES mode, on the USB connect mode, of phone, open KIES and the phone should connect, well, mine did! Hope it works with yours! Let me know I'll cross my fingers for you!
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Thanks for the info Dave.

Your way didn't quite work with my Galaxy S/ Windows 7 but it led me to a solution. Here's what I did (it's very similar).

1. Set USB connection on phone to mass storage
2. Connect to PC
3. Hit the 'Connect Storage to PC' button which appears on the phone screen
4. Right click on the 'Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media' icon which appears in the bottom right of the toolbar on your PC
5. Select 'Open devices and printers'
6. Double click on the SAMSUNG Android icon, select Hardware tab, click USB Mass Storage Device and click Properties
7. Click the 'Change Settings' button and select the Driver Tab
8. Click the Uninstall button and OK the confirmation
9. The device icon should have disappeared from the Devices and Printers folder
10. Disconnect phone from PC, select Samsung Kies form USB settings on phone and reconnect phone to PC
11. Open Samsung Kies and eventually the phone is recognised!

Sorry if there is a much simpler way to get the same result but this way worked for me.

After hours of messing around trying to get the data from my Samsung Galaxy S2 (with a broken screen), I found the answer!
I had the problem of Kies saying that my device was not recognised. Simple solution- Do not use kies! I downloaded something called "New PC Studio", and was able to get all of my pictures and videos from my phone! The only problem is that I couldn't get my contacts or memos etc. But I'm not too fussed as the pictures and videos were my main priority!
Before downloading PC Studio, make sure you computer is up to date with all installs and restart it after if you install anything new. Then download PC Studio online free of charge.

I have been looking for this answer for ages, so I hop I helped someone get their pic and vids from their phone!

:) X

I know that there are many Samsung users that are still struggling with connecting your phone to your computer through Samsung Kies.Here is another method to fix your connection woes.

daveyok you is a star, your method worked 1st time.....



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